Project of Eco-tourism Improvement for Fujian Tulou (Nanjing) National Forest Park 
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I. Project, construction scale and location:

The connecting traveling roads, travel footpath in the scenic spot, ecological parking lot, scenic spot management room, travel toilets (including tool rooms) and the traveling ropeway will be newly constructed and transformed. The project is suggested to be located in Shuyang Town, Nanjing County.

II. Construction reasons and conditions:

As a comprehensive tourist destination with the strong regional driving force, Toulou Forest Park shall unite other ecological and tourism resources to play a leading role in the regional economic development of Zhangzhou. This project can efficiently increase the tax revenue and incomes of farmers after its completion.

III. Preliminary work of the project:

In the process of preliminary planning.

IV. Project total investment

500 million RMB

V. Project economic and efficiency analysis:

Predicted annual economic benefit 300 million RMB.

VI. Project liaison unit:

Nanjing County Forestry Bureau

Contact: Ma Zhanxing

Telephone number: 13606999322