Gangyuan Industrial park project in Chenxiang Town
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I. Project, construction scale and location: Intends to develop and build a electronic information, new materials and machinery manufacturing industrial park,which total area of 2000 mu. Project location Chenxiang Town of Changtai County.

II. Construction reasons and conditions: The park planning land is 3500 mu, it is 48 kilometers away from Xiamen airport in the east, 15 kilometers away from Zhangzhou train station in the south and 5 kilometers away from County seat in the west. Xiamen, Shen Hai high-speed in the park are equipped with exports, the North Ring Road, Industrial Avenue, lotus road and other areas through, transportation is very convenient.The Xiamen-Chengdu high-speed and Shenyang-Hainan high-speed export are in the park,the North Ring Road, Gongye Road and Lianhua road through the park,it enjoys convenient traffic and geographic advantages.The park has a water supply plant with daily supply capacity of 30 thousand tons,it also has a 110 thousand volt substation that can satisfied with electricity demand.

III. Project total investment1 billion RMB.

IV. Project liaison unit:

Chenxiang Town Government of Changtai County

Project contact: Lin Baochuan

Telephone number:13607595665