Integrated Demonstration Area of the Tea Industry Transformation and Upgrading 
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I. Project, construction scale and location:

This project will construct the integrated demonstration area of the tea sightseeing and deep processing. The site selection of the project is Xiandu Town, Hua’an County with 6000mu land.

II. Construction reasons and conditions:

The construction of this project is conducive to promote the transformation and upgrading of the tea industry, enhance the aggregation effect of the tea industry, optimize the industrial structure and promote the development of the tea plantation in the whole county.

III. Preliminary work of the project:

The project is planning and designing the Oho Dragon Apex, Fujian Xiangxin Tea Co., Ltd, Xinghe Tea Specialized Cooperatives and Junyun Tea Industry Co., Ltd to construct the tea-plantation demonstration place for leisure and sightseeing tour.

IV. Project total investment

80 million RMB

V. Project economic and efficiency analysis:

The project can bring 100 million yuan of the economic benefits in a year.

VI. Project liaison unit:

Hua’an County Agricultural Bureau

Contact: Chen Zhicong

Telephone number: 13799825025