Mayangxi Ecological Leisure Agriculture Project of Changtai County
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I. Project, construction scale and location:

The content of the project is to construct the landscape revetment, leisure sidewalks along the brook, water dropping landscape dam, grape planting sightseeing garden greenhouse, etc. The location of the project is to be at Mayangxi ecological tourism area, Changtai County, with the planning area of 2000 mu.

II. Construction reasons and conditions:

The content of the project is to build a holiday resort integating agricultural sightseeing and leisure tourism, based on Mayang Brook’s favorable ecological environment and tourism resources.

III. Preliminary work of the project:

The preliminary works of the project have been completed.

IV. Project total investment

100 million RMB

V. Project economic and efficiency analysis:

Depends on specific project.

VI. Project liaison unit:

Mayangxi Ecological Tourism Area of Changtai County

Contact Person: Xiao Hongyong

Telephone number: 05968310906

Fax: 05968310909