Zhangzhou section of Zhangzhou-Wuping expressway
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I. Project, construction scale and location:

This line is located at Nanjing county. It is 4 lane expressway with the total length of 53.5 kilometers.

II. Construction reasons and conditions:

This line is a convenient expressway  which connects Zhangzhou, Nanjin, Xiamen with the south of Longyan and west of Tulou of Yongding. It is also an important port channel in Gulei, Zhangzhou and Xiamen..

III. Preliminary work of the project:

The project is listed in “Zhangzhou Comprehensive Transportation 13th Five Year Plan Key Construction Project”.

IV. Project total investment

Ca. 6.36 billion RMB.

V. Project contact enterprise:

Zhangzhou Highway Project Office

Project contact: Ning Wei

Telephone number: 2123675

E-mail: zzsgsgl@163.com