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Panorama of flowery Fujian
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The season for admiring spring flowers has come and Fujian on the warm southeast coast of China offers a plethora of such options all around.

Peach flowers

Pink-hued flowers radiant in spring breezes are a token of good old times between lovers in ancient poems, and still a romantic scene to relish during a balmy spring day.

Four places in Fujian are recommended as the best locations to view peach flowers in the spring.

1. Hutou village in Ningde

Best time: mid-March

Peach forests cover hillsides and fields surrounding Hutou village in Ningde prefecture. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]

2. Beixi village in Quanzhou

Best time: mid-to-late March

Beixi village, Quanzhou prefecture, has 10,000 peach trees, including newly cultivated varieties with denser petals and longer-lasting florescence. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]

3. Gutian county in Ningde

Best time: March

Gutian county in Ningde produces mouthwatering honey peaches with beautiful peach flowers coming as a welcome complimentary bonus. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]

4. Qishan National Forest Park

Best time: March to April

A peach colony is tucked away between the mountains and lakes at the Qishan National Forest Park in Minhou county, Fuzhou prefecture. [Photo/minhou.gov.cn]

Cherry blossoms

These beautiful flowers make a scene so brilliant that you don’t want to miss a single bit of it. And because of their ephemeral life, you will want to catch up with their flowering in a very short time period at the following recommended places.

1. Tea plantation in Yongfu

Best time: late January to late March

Thoughtfully designed trails at the Taipin tea garden in Yongfu, Longyan prefecture, 

lead to a riotous profusion of cherry blossoms lining luxurious tea terraces. [Photo/Xinhua]

2. Fuzhou National Forest Park

Best time: early February to late March

The Fuzhou National Forest Park attracts huge crowds each year with colorful cherry blossoms in the spring. [Photo/chinanews.com]

3. Cherry grove in Minhou

Best time: February to March

At the Da’an Cherry Grove in Minhou county, Fuzhou prefecture, thirty varieties of cherry trees are in blossom. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]

4. Ebi village in Fuzhou

Best time: March to April

The tranquil Ebi village in Fuzhou prefecture is home to Fujian’s largest nursery stock base for cherry trees. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]

Rapeseed flowers

Rapeseed flowers are unadorned yet amorous, saturating the fields with bright yellow color. Here are some choice spots to view rapeseed flowers in Fujian.

1. Huahai Park in Fuzhou

Best time: mid-February to March

A bright yellow sea of rapeseed flowers contrasts with the cerulean sky at the Huhai Park in Fuzhou. [Photo provided to WeChat:Fjta12301]

2. Shanchong village in Zhangzhou

Best time: late March

Shanchong village in Zhangzhou prefecture is a prominent beauty in natural landscapes. 

  Hidden between lush rolling hills are not only rapeseed flower fields but also old and artistic cobblestone-walled buildings. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]

3. Nianshan terraces in Nanping

Best time: March to April

Nianshan terraces spread down a gentle slope. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]

Pear blossoms

Pear blossoms blowing with the wind or bathing in a fine rain is a dreamy scene that arouses sentimental feelings. The subtle, sweet scent stands out in the fresh air after the rain. Below are places to admire these white petal fairies.

1. Guanmi village in Nanping

Best time: late March to early April

Pear blossoms in Guanmi village, Nanping prefecture. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]

2. Fengyuan village in Sanming

Best time: March to April

A quaint cottage is surrounded by pear trees. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]


Wenquan Park in downtown Fuzhou is the best place to enjoy a dazzling array of tulips in a bouquet of colors from mid-February to May.

Colorful tulips grace Wenquan Park in downtown Fuzhou. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301] 

Colorful tulips grace Wenquan Park in downtown Fuzhou. [Photo/WeChat:Fjta12301]