Project on Ecological environment comprehensive management in Jiulong River tributaries(Pinghe Section)
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I. Project, construction scale and location: Implement ecological environment comprehensive management area of 45 ha. The construction contents including channel cleanout area of 9 ha., ecological replenishment and  ecological revetment length of 4 kilometers,build rainwater oxidation pond area of 1 ha.and bypass ecological pond of 8 ha.. Set up the trails and grass ditch on both sides of the riverway in order to organize the surface runoff to catchment area.

II. Construction reasons and conditions: Through comprehensive treatment of ecological environment, improvingthe ecological quality of Jiulong River, activating the vitality of the city, improving the livability index,promoting land value increment and promoting the development of the surrounding can establish a continuous and open greenway landscape system to lead the sustainable development of the city.

III. Preliminary work of the project: the project proposal approval has been completed, making feasibility study report.

IV. Project total investment300 million RMB.

V. Project economic and efficiency analysis: Upon completion, it can create a favorable ecological environment, promote the value increment of surrounding land development and improve the image of the city. Furthure more, the beautiful ecological tourism is condusive to the development of ecological tourism, so as to bring the people there business opportunities.

VI. Project liaison unit:

Pinghe investment company

Project contact:Lai Aiping

Telephone number: 0596-5213199

Fax: 05965213199