Pinghe pomelo biotechnology development project  
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I. Project, construction scale and location:

Build production workshop and warehouse, integrated R&D building and other facilities. Establish production line of para-insulin material, folic acid and other biotech drug. The project location is Zhangzhou City Pinghe County Sange Town.

II. Construction reasons and conditions:

Based on the raw material of Guanxin Pomelo, produce broad-spectrum antibacterial, antiviral,anti-aging products, household chemicals and  beverage health food to meet the living concept of ecology, green and healty of modern people. This has great market prospects.

III. Preliminary work of the project:

The project is pre-researchable.

IV. Project total investment

100 million RMB

V. Project economic and efficiency analysis:

After the the project is put in operation, the annual newly increased sales revenue will reach50million RMB. FIRR is estimated 40% and ROI is 12%,Investment payoff period is 3 years.

VI. Project liaison unit:

Pinghe County Merchants Bureau

Project contact: Chen Shenglin

Telephone number: 13605086136

Fax: 05965231335