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  • Zhangzhou city is located at southeast coast of Fujian Province, Zhangzhou is a national historical and cultural city with a history of more than 1300 years, it is also a rapidly development city and growing up of ecological industrial port. Zhangzhou, between Special Economic Zones of Xiemen and Shantou, facing Taiwan and HongKong and Macao in the south. It consists of 8 counties, 2 districts and 1 city ,covering a land area of 1,290,000 square kilometers, sea area of 1,860,000 square kilometers, spanning a coast line of 715 kilometers. holding a population of 4.8 million permanent residents.

    In recent years, Zhangzhou City insists on the development line of "Go ahead in the Western Coast Construction", comprehensively implementing the development strategy of "Booming the city by industries". Especially since the Proposals from State Council on supporting Fujian province to speed up the construction of the West Coast Economic Zone promulgated, Zhangzhou city get a golden opportunity for rapidly development and growing up. According to figures, in 2010, the GDP of Zhangzhou City amounted to RMB ¥ 140.710 billion, 14.9% over that of the previous year and the gross industrial output value amounted to RMB ¥ 194.550 billion, 33.4% over the last year. Its leading key industries are outstanding, with the formation of "4+4" industrial pattern i.e. four leading industries of foodstuff, mechanism, electronics, energy and four strategic industries of steel, automobile, shipping, petrochemical industry that account for 69% of the gross industrial output value. To 2010, registered foreign-funded USD$ 20.71 billion, assessed capital USD$ 12.08 billion. The foreign trade export amounted to USD$ 5.07 billion, over 5513 foreign erterprises have been ratified.